DJ has been working with IBM for 12 years and in charge of operation, business and government relations.
BitSE Blockchain Lab was launched in 2013, aiming to promote blockchain technology and development in last 3 years.

DJ Qian



Sunny Lu is the COO of BitSE and leads the VeChain project.
Sunny formerly worked at Louis Vuitton as the CIO of China.

Sunny Lu



Patrick Dai is the CTO of BitSE and one of China's top blockchain technologists.
Patrick formerly worked at Alibaba and dropped out of his PhD program at CAS to be full-time in the blockchain industry.

Patrick Dai



After graduated from Jiao Tong University, Jay has worked for both PwC and Deloitte for 14 years, with extensive experience over financial management, investment & financing and risk management.

Jay Zhang



Leon Shang

Product & Technical Director

Leon has more than fifteen years of internet development experience. He has been working on blockchain for three years. He brings rich experiences in internet application development and marketing management to the BitSE team.

Richard Fu

Sales Director

Richard has three years of experience working in the blockchain industry. He worked for Louis Vuitton as a General Manager of Sales overseeing more than 200 sales. He has a proven track record, as well, in commodity trading.

Miguel Palencia

VeChain CTO

A native of Columbia, Miguel has more than four years experience working in the blockchain industry. He has a proven track record contributing to the Linux community and ten years of experience in information system project management.

Mohamed Neil Mahi

Blockchain development expert

Blockchain/bitcoin working experience within four years. A geek in data base development and with 15 years of data base management

Qian Chengcheng

Sales Channel Director

With twelve years of experience working at HP, Qian has spent nearly two years making blockchain consumer friendly from a sales perspective.

Qian Bin

Development Manager

With more than fifteen years of experience in information system development, Qian has spent the last four years working on blockchain applications. He led and developed over twenty practical applications of blockchain technology.

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